I am pleased to announce that this wonderful, little book is now again available.  The book, originally published in print format, was previously also available as a download from this site but has not been so available for a number of years.

        However, the more that I look at this book, the more I realize that its wisdom is still very much important.  Issues about love are timeless and, to be frank, those issues seem to clearly permeate how people do business.  Thus it seems appropriate for this book to be available on my site.

        So I am again making it available as a download as a precursor to a possible new print edition.     In doing so, I am offering it at a price well below what such print version might run.

        If you are a publisher interested in this book, send me some email.

In seeking to know the nature of love-the way to love and the way to be loved-we can learn much from the ancient wisdom of Taoism. Ivan Hoffman has warmly and richly blended the spirituality of this philosophy, dating back more than 2,500 years, with his personal and psychological reflections to make that wisdom come alive and fully usable today.
  • Learn to become whole, learning to love yourself.
  • Learn that finding love is about letting go of the albatross of blame you may have carried around your neck, perhaps for decades.
  • Learn that we struggle with the pain of love because we continue to love pain.
  • Learn that loving is first about trusting, not merely your mate, but more importantly, trusting Eternity, the universe.
  • Learn to let go of your need for control.
  • Learn to accept change and vulnerability for it is the fear of change and of being vulnerable that prevents us from loving.
  • Learn how to get back to that place of original simplicity with which you were born so that you can not only love others but allow others to love you.
  • Learn to see love from a place of abundance and not a place of scarcity.

  • "A delightful book bringing more light and understanding to the experience of trusting, loving, and letting go."
    --Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

    This remarkable little book has already been translated into:


    Bahsa Indonesian



    TO DOWNLOAD A PORTION OF THE FIRST CHAPTER-- "THE PREMISE"-- CLICK HERE. (It is written in Word For Windows XP. If you have any problems, contact me.) 


    IT IS AVAILABLE ONLY AS A DOWNLOAD FROM THIS SITE.  It is approximately 350 kb but it is zipped and should only take a few moments to download.  This is a self-executing file so you will not need to have Winzip. Even if you have never downloaded before, it is easy and the page comes with simple instructions.

    The price is: $8.00 United States dollars.

    Email me and I will give you the address to which you can send the check. Then I will give you the online address from which you can download it. I WILL MAKE THE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER I RECEIVE YOUR CHECK.